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This post is chocked full of hair care and product information about the maintenance of my natural color-treated hair. Keep reading…. After 3 years of being natural with a myriad of color and style changes, I’ve decided to start over. I’ve cut my hair again down to a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). It feels amazing to start fresh with a newfound desire to grow my hair as long and full as I can…or at least...

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If you are a fan of textured wigs…you know the ones with tight ringlets individualized to perfection. Well, if you are not aware, those types of units look best when the ringlets are brushed out or at least finger-combed to achieve a more natural textured look. Lovers of big hair…STAND UP!!! Watch me transform this Beshe Abri wig into something a bit more creative and soft. Watch the video below!

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New Hair Color | Manic Panic

Okay, so here are the results of injecting some needed FUNK in my life by dyeing my hair…purple. For those of you who watched the video on YouTube…you know I was on a mission for change. The hair colors I used were Manic Panic’s Ultra Violet and Purple Haze. I mixed the two, to ensure I achieved the color I was going for. I didn’t want too much blue or red, so I figured they...

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Hair Products: Grab-a-lots!

What in the world is a Grab-a-lot? Well, I just made that up and it means: a product that you use and find yourself grabbing a lot. In other words, your staple products…don’t fault me for trying to be original So, I’ve been natural for 2 years now and I absolutely love it. My hair regimen, as far as products are concerned, hasn’t changed much since I big chopped. Obviously my hair is longer now,...

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Big Red Afro Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this video tutorial of me creating a semi-blowout afro. I love this look!  Hair Color: Manic Panic – Vampire Red (Vegan Rinse) Products: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Castor Oil Technique: Cornrow pre-stretched hair; take them down and hand style. Peace & love, Ebony  

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Miranda: For the Adventurous!

Okay, so I was sent this wig by for review. Excited about the uniqueness of the colors, I was eager to see how this wig could bring inspiration. The Miranda Lace Front Wig by FreeTress Equal is a unique unit presented as a fishtail braid, with the option to wear it unbraided as well. The colors presented with this unit are G2/30/33. I must say that I would prefer the top portion be darker for...

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The High Puff: Natural Hair

I’ve received many requests to demonstrate how I achieved the high puff I wore in one of my recent videos…so here it is! You will need to begin with your hair separated and fluffed out from an old twist out. For those who are curious, my hair is still colored with Manic Panic’s Rock-n-Roll Red and it has not completely faded yet. For more information on the hair color and products I use for my...



It’s been well over 8 months since THE BIG CHOP and my hair seems to finally offer some versatility with styling. I’ve been getting a bit bored with the wash-n-go at this stage of my hair growth so I’ve been looking at some “natural-looking” wigs. I’m so eager to reach a length that will allow a lot of play with different styles. I need the “funk” when it comes to my hair. So I came...